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We’re Looking for New Team Members

We are a rapidly growing brand and we need you to become a member of the Anderson Roth Team. We’re looking for passionate foodies, opportunists, and wise investors to join our team.

The Anderson Roth Story

Ten years ago, two people had a vision of a fine dining steakhouse that was more than just about the best cuts of meat. They envisioned a restaurant that put its quality of menu, customers, and employees before all else. A great meal is the foundation of a memorable occasion.

A Proven Business Model

Over the year’s we’ve fine-tuned our process, menu, and model. We work closely with our franchisees, meeting quarterly to understand what customers are saying and looking for when dining with us.

Franchise With Anderson Roth

We are a steadily growing brand and we’re expanding our locations westward with 15 new locations set to open late this fall.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear what our franchisee’s have to say

The first time I dined at Anderson Roth I knew it was something special. Every time I returned either to take clients out to lunch or to celebrate a birthday the food was excellent, and our server made us feel like we were guests in their home. After years of going, I decided to take the step to franchise and look into opening my own location. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

John Smith | Albuquerque, NM

After working years in a corporate setting I got a spark to branch out and do something on my own. I knew I wanted the support and backing of something more established then starting from scratch. That’s when I started looking for franchise opportunities. I was pleased to find out that a restaurant that I had been dinning at for years was a franchise – I couldn’t believe I’d never known. From that point on I knew Anderson Roth was the right fit for me. I’ve have had nothing but support from the Anderson Roth team and they guided be through the entire process.

Janice Wood | Atlanta, GA

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